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You have done your homework and you understand the importance of a preventive visit to your OB/GYN; now, we are here to provide you with the means to execute your decision!

Our flexible scheduling helps you get an appointment right away to maintain the momentum of your decision to take action.

Whether you are a new or an existing patient with us, we will spend time to understand the status and goals for your general well being.

We will customize the nature of our encounter based on your specific case and it would generally include an assessment of your risk factors and physical examinations.

Our definition of a “well women” visit extends beyond an annual visit to your doctor!




There is a reason why some commercials end with “ask your doctor about ….”


Birth control is one of the areas where modern medicine has provided us with so many options and we are here to help you make the smart choices. Our secret formula for establishing a successful birth control begins with you – let us know the type of lifestyle you would like to have such as the level of your sexual activity, whether you can diligently follow the plan or would prefer something a low maintenance etc.., Often, financial factors such as total out of pocket cost of maintaining birth control should also be considered. Rest assured, we will empower you with a holistic birth control plan by combining your needs with our subject matter expertise.

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